Adventures in Terrible PR: Do You Even Know What This Blog is About?

I’m usually pretty good about ignoring the bad PR emails, but this one was so off base, I had to post it:

“Rhino Entertainment Presents Totally Fit, Spice Girl Mel B’s First-Ever Workout Video on February 3rd! The three-DVD set features fitness workouts and nutrition tips and is available now exclusively on and at retail nationwide on February 3rd! I have DVDs for review and giveaway and other assets (cover art, photos, and press release) below. Let me know if you are interested in featuring Totally Fit on Midtown Lunch.”

Really? Seriously? Have you even read this website? I don’t do exercise… or nutrition tips- and if I can help it, neither will the readers of this site!

Of course, here I am posting about it- which is exactly what they want you to do… but I’m too smart for them! As loyal readers of this site, I’m going to ask you to pretend that you never saw this, and make a point of *not* purchasing Mel B’s first-ever workout video.

What’s that? You weren’t planning on it anyway. Oh… well that’s good.


  • Hot! I’m in for 2!

  • …does the DVD show mamacita spotting blondie for sit-ups?

    IF so, i’ll have 10.

  • As long as docchuck and his “wife” don’t make a guest appearance, I’m all in…

  • Before my wife embarked on her caberet career, she dabbled in exercise videos. She believed (and rightfully so) that many men were in desperate need of fitness help, but were reluctant to sweat away their pounds watching Richard Simmons (who, at that time was the only game in town), lest they be perceived as …. well, you know what I’m getting at.

    With my substantial wealth, I was able to secure her a director, producer and several muscular male models to use in her shoot. My wife even took several aerobics classes so she would know all the current “moves.”

    Her videos were spectacular!! I watch them even today, if that interests you.

    Problem is, we had a very difficult time marketing them.

    Had the internet been invented then, I probably would have done the same thing as Spice Girl Mel. I think I’ll buy a few of hers just because I sympathize with her plight.

  • insert “zig-a-zig-ahhh” joke here.

  • Her cabernet career is still in full force. Tonight she has a full of wine box of a very decent vintage, last spring to be exact. While she is passed out I will take pictures of her with my camera phone. Drunken Spice and me might do the hurly burley. One can hope.

  • I’m buying this as soon as I get back from Chop’t.

  • Amazing. How did Mel B find time to do an exercise video, ya know between the Kool Menthal chain smoking and coke snorting. You go girl!

  • Zach, I’ve had people contact me over really irrelevant crap too, and it’s like “Wow, so you read my blog, mm hmm…” How hard is it to do your job properly? I’m sorry but seriously! There are tons of fitness blogs out there! (I assume. I don’t um, actually know, cuz, yeah.) lol =X

  • Which of the spice girls is the fat one?

  • ‘Fat Spice’ must be the blond cause the redhead is ‘Old Spice’. Bimbo Spice, Expired Spice and Nobody Cares Spice round out the team

  • Too bad Skank Spice didn’t put out a tape… I’d buy that

  • I am not that fat. I am just big boned.

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