Make a Coffee Mug Chocolate Cake in Your Office Microwave

I know I preach about always getting out of the office for lunch, but how could I ignore this link Lunch’er Adam forwarded to me. If you can make a sandwich from meat purchased at Murray’s Salami, and sushi at your desk from ingredients purchased at Yagura, why not make a chocolate cake in a coffee mug using your company’s microwave?!?


  • It was tried and tested on this forum:

    Results: What you’d expect from a microwave’d cake. Bland, rubbery and pretty terrible.

  • I was going to post this exact same thread from somethingawful why you shouldn’t even try to do this in the microwave.

  • Just tried it and it wasn’t bad. Not light and fluffy–more like a dense/rich, slightly rubbery texture. Tasted good though. (I added a bit extra chocolate.) I bet my gf will be happy with this ‘homemade chocolate treat’!

  • BTW, I report from firsthand experience, wisdom-of-random-internet-forums be damned!

  • yay me!

    moze, feel free to come up with some original firsthand experience and send it to me and I’ll be sure to send it to Zach!

  • this looks cool yo. i need to go find some cocoa powder.

  • Finally something to counteract work microwaved fish odor!

  • dub, except you’ll accidentally yield chocolate cake infused with stale fish scent and burnt popcorn.

  • arp: ???? Just thought I’d present my personal trial with this mug-cake. I might try whipping the egg first for a lighter texture, and cutting down the cooking time slightly to get a ‘molten’ interior.

    As far as “original experiences,” I’ve made some lunches in regular by-the-pound delis by buying some egg salad with a few garnishes (cheese, lettuce) and a couple of bagels, and made huge stuffed sandwiches for much less than most places charge. Not as fancy as the “Murrays salami” thing, but a great filling lunch for way under $10.

  • moze, I hope you didn’t read that as if I were questioning your abilities. I sent in the link to zach (there’s another adam on ML, so I’m here as arp). I was just joking about your calling me out on reposting someone’s url rather than coming up with my own idea, not attacking you :)

  • I think I’ll pass and continue drinking the hot chocolate instead. =)

  • uh, so I just tried this. It’s actually edible if you have low standards for things you ‘bake’ yourself. It’s definitely not the light and airy type of cake…

    so if someone actually is going to do this, go with what moze said above. beat the hell out of the egg first before you add it. get some air into that mother otherwise it’s going to be a really dense cake.

    you can also get by with 2.5 min. 3 is for a well-done cake.

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