Sugo e Basilico To Become Europa Cafe

Boo, another Europa
Photo by nycblondieandbrownie

Sugo e Basilico (on 5th btw. 44+45th) was one of the Readers’ Poll nominees for “Saddest Closing of 2008″ but even sadder is what it’s being replaced with:  another Europa Cafe.  Blondie and Brownie have the full report, along with a New Years resolution to boycott Cosi. Now, while I can surely get behind any boycott of a non-Midtown lunch’ish corporate chain, at least Cosi bakes their bread fresh in a brick oven right in front of you.  If I had to choose one of the crappy chains to save, it would probably be a toss up between Cosi & Pret a Manger. Cafe Metro, Europa Cafe, Pax, Chop’t, Chipotle, and Qdoba on the other hand…

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  • It was written in a moment of anger. I would definitely pick Cosi over Europa though. But Pret has topped Cosi in my book.

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