SHOCKER: Cafe Zaiya to Lower Prices

2008 was the year of the price hike, and if the state of the economy is an indicator, there is no reason to think 2009 will be any different.  And yet, Cafe Zaiya (on 41st btw. Mad+5th) starts off the new year with some great news, sending out an email to their customers last week announcing that they are going to decrease their prices now that food costs have gone down:

“First and foremost, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for another great year. The last sharp increase in prices of ingridients such as flour and butter caused by the commodity boom had severely affected our business and we unfortunately had to raise our prices. Most recently though, prices have dropped to a more sustainable level and ingredient pricing has been stable as well.”

“With efforts of our staff and the commitment of the management to cut down cost, we are very very proud to inform you that prices on many of our items will be reduced beginning January 2, 2009. Thats right, we are REDUCING prices!! Many places just keep their prices up after an increase right? Not the case with Cafe Zaiya. When we pay less, you pay less. We are looking foward to another great year. Thank You, Zaiya New York”

No… thank you Cafe Zaiya.  Every day you come up with more and more reasons for us to love you…

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  • The best mid-town lunch spot hands down.

  • Other places could learn a thing or two from Cafe Zaiya. Way to go!!!!

  • As if I needed more incentive to make the 11-block walk to Japanese deliciousness, they go and do something like this. Thank you Zaiya!

  • yeah i have to say that this might be one of the best midtown lunch places. prices, variety, quality of food, all top notch.


  • I thought only rappers said “first and foremost”.

  • I luv Japanese food and luv this place….its right next to the nypl(i go there alot). And i have still so many things to try. Yum!

  • That’s very considerate. I noticed the spicy tuna onigiri was back to $1.75 from the $1.95 it had been at for a little while.

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