Midtown Lunch Partner – mfw – 39

Look at all the fun stuff that pops up when you have a google alert for Midtown Lunch! If you’re a 25-45 year old woman looking to hang out with a 39 year old dude (with a girlfriend?) during lunch, this craigslist ad is totally for you! “Let’s get coffee/have lunch. I’m by 8th and the low 40s. Let’s email for a while first to make sure we share some basic compatibility.” Maybe we should have a missed connections section of Midtown Lunch!  Thoughts?


  • If it would score me a date with Casa, then I am all for it!!

  • How can you be “single with a girlfriend”…WTF is that about?

  • I agree, Goats. Also, if it’s “platonic,” then why does the partner have to be female? If it’s platonic, it shouldn’t matter. Especially if the poster is in a relationship.

    (He’s probably one of those “but we’re not married or anything!” creeps.)

  • Shortly followed by a nursery/daycare section of midtown lunch :P

  • Referrals to cardiologists and personal trainers could be useful for those who follow the Zach diet…

  • I didn’t actually click through to the ad, but why isn’t the ad just titled, “Mid-life crisis seeks homewrecker.”

    ah, midtown. love it.

  • The only thing to make that ad creepier would be for him to request a specific race or hair color. Or body type. Or ALL THREE.

  • My wife is often in need of a dining companion during her business trips to the Big Apple.

    I have forwared this information to her.


  • Dr. Charles, does your wife enjoy slowly gobbling a banana for lunch? If so PM me.

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