Fruitcake Eating Record

If you’re unlucky enough to be at work today, and are looking for a little entertainment, hot dog eating master Takeru Kobayashi will attempt to break the current fruitcake eating record (4 lbs. 14.25 oz. in 10 mins) at the plaza of Madison Square Garden (on 34th St. & 7th Ave.) It all goes down at 11 a.m. [City Room via SE:NY]


  • Kill me. I think I’m one of 12 Manhattanites stuck at their desk…commuting this morning was eerie: I was nearly alone in the barren post-apocolyptic quiet.

  • Me too. It was sad really. What’s even worse is that I’m still at work. ;_;

  • Take heart gents – you are not a demented freak so desperate for attention that you become a competitive eater

  • I like fruit and I like cake but not when they are melded together with industrial glue. :)

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