Merry Christmas From Midtown Lunch

Courtesy of Savage Chickens

Be careful getting home from work today…

Praise the Lard, and have a Merry Christmas.

Love, Your Good Friends at Midtown Lunch


  • Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • BAH!!!! bloody humbug!

  • So happy I had to work today. No line at Biryani cart for my Kati roll fix!

  • Happy Chanukah and a Merry Christmas to your family Zach. A special wish for the new Midtown Luncher Harry. xxx000

  • Merry Christmas everybody! For the rest, happy holidays!!!

  • On my first glance at this comic, I thought the title read “sausage chickens”! And found myself getting hungry.

    Happy holidays, all! Eat well! (Hopefully not in Midtown for a while!!!)


    Guess where I have mistletoe hanging, Mamacita…

  • I’m going to step away from that comment wayne… after all Rudy has more $$ ;-P

    A note to DocChuck: I could use your young and vivacious hair removal proprietor of a wife right now.. you see, I’m making duck and need to make sure any small quills are removed before cooking… and well her plucking skills could be of use now.

  • So funny because I thought the same thing..sausage..chickens..Happy Holidays ya’ll!!!

  • Please have a merry Christmas, and if a man in a santa suit knocks on your door call the cops.

  • A belated Merry Christmas! I refuse to be “politically correct” and say happy holidays.

    And a Happy New Year to everyone here at Midtown Lunch.

    Please tell me where to find the best Renaissance Faire-style turkey leg in midtown? LOL!

  • It goes without saying that I am currently dressed in a crotchless baby diaper and draped with a red “beauty paegent” type ribbon emblazoned ‘Baby New Year 2009′, if such things sentementalize you. And we’re out of duct tape, so you can imagine the smell and mess as his leaky catheter bag sloshes to and fro as he “brings in the New Year”.

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