Dainobu To Open Tomorrow?

They were hoping that yesterday would be the big day, but it is looking like tomorrow (the 24th) will be opening day for Dainobu- the latest Japanese bento/lunch/grocery store to hit the Midtown Lunch scene (on 47th btw. Lex+3rd). They “are working crazy” to get it all done.


  • I am off tomorrow so I am very disappointed that there will be no dainobu today.

    I can guarantee there will be office-based sushi construction and photo submission when this place opens.

  • wait on the other post you said they’re on 47th st between Lex and Third. Or are they on 41st between Mad and 5th? I’m confused…

  • @danny – Sorry, you’re right. It’s 47th btw. Lex+3rd. I fixed it

  • Yagura is on 41/Mad/5, but it’s too far a walk!! I am on Lex and 46/47, so I am going to be a fast regular @ Dainobu if they do it right and keep the prices low…..

  • Just had the Shrimp Udon from there. Nothing great. Comes in a large styrofoam soda cup with one piece of shrimp for $6.99. Their store is not fully stocked yet so maybe it will get better

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