The Flooz Reports: The Many Faces of Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Fried Fish Sandwich

Midtown Lunch Flickr friend The Flooz has been tracking the fried fish sandwich at the Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart on 46th btw. 5+6th for over a year now. The first photo was taken back in November of 2007, and TF had this to say:

Flounder sammy

I finally got a chance to visit Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart on 46th btw. 5+6th (right next to Moishe’s) and i have to say- i’m so glad i did! I ordered the fried flounder on a hero. Yeah everyone else in front of me was getting lettuce and tomato on white bread, but why bother? Slap on some tartar and hot sauce and we’re good to go. Also because of the quantity of fish (so much!) I went for the toasted hero so as to enjoy every last morsel. Wow- $4.50 never tasted so good!!!

But then, things went wrong back in September…

New not improved sammy

So it’s been a hot minute since I hit up Kim’s Aunt cart, decided since the Bulgogi [price] was going up that it was as good a time as ever. Well kinda wrong. This time I had to get the flounder because they were out of whiting. I got my same fixin- tartar on a hero. But this time the hero was noticeably smaller and stale. Also, where before you got 2 nice pieces of fried goodness, now I only got one (albeit a large one.) Priced at $3.50- can you really complain? It’s filling and tasty- just not quite what it was before.

But last week, The Flooz returned and found that all is right with the world…

Whiting update

The last time i went to Kim’s Aunt lunch cart, I was a bit disappointed with the sammy. They have made up for it. Or maybe they were just having a bad day? Or maybe they were getting complaints? I dunno but my $3.50 is back to being an awesome deal!

Hmmm- the photos all seem to look the same to me (and the price discrepancy is a little weird) but whatever… I think I’m in the mood for a fried fish sandwich now.

(Photos and comments posted to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Pool by The Flooz)


  • Hell yea to the fried fish sammy. Anyone got leads on where to go for a good one in the FiDi? (Yuck at the name, but whatever)

  • I love the fish sammy upskirt! Very delish!

  • McDonald’s Filet of Fish has been a regular on my roster for nearly two decades. Can’t beat it…I tried the Kim’s Aunt Kitchen sandwhich and can promise you it doesn’t come close to Mac D’s. There is one on Broadway, near Fulton, if I remember correctly. Heaven in a bun.

  • if it weren’t so bloody cold, I would walk up there today. That’s just what I need…

  • I read your blog everyday. I live in a small town in California, so I am just teasing myself. i will probably never try any of the food you speak of but none the less, it still intigues me. Keep on keeping on my friend! ;)

  • Hey Melissa do you live in Hollister? Been there before…. at least drove though few times

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