The Weather is Just Right for Woorijip’s Noodle Bar

Blondie and Brownie stray from their comfort zone at Woorijip (on 32nd btw. B’way+5th), ordering the ramen with egg and spicy kimchi soup with pork and ham from the Noodle Bar in the back of the shop. But take note: the noodle bar is only opened until 2pm, so make sure you aren’t going for a late lunch.

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  • For me a late lunch is 12:05pm

    Where’s Rudy?

  • Don’t get too excited about the ramen. They use the same packaged noodles you could get at the Asian grocery across the street for 80 cents.

  • Yeah, they use Shin-Ramu Ramen, it’s good but also cheaper than water. (which the conveniently don’t serve anymore due to a “broken water main” or something. Then tell me, Woorijip, how do you cook all that food without water?) anyway is the water back yet?

  • It’s true. But I think Shin ramen is now $1.25 or something. :(

  • Pro Hot Korean on 56th also uses packaged noodles. I’ve seen them come in by the case load and they certainly don’t sell them in retail manner.

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