The Australian Brings Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls Back to Midtown

A few weeks ago, The Australian was the bar featured in our new Friday “Midtown Happy Hour” column, and while their food was mentioned briefly in the post, it didn’t cover their $8 lunchtime special… a fact I noticed when I walked by the place the other day:


While I normally ignore sit down lunch places, and bar specials (even the ones that are around $10, because you still have to pay tax and tip and drinks are usually super expensive) you can see why this caught my eye. Meat pie! Sausage Roll!?! With chips!!! (That’s french fries by the way.) For $8. Yes please. I’ll have both.

Every since the Tuck Shop abandoned their post inside the Cyber Cafe (on 49th btw. B’way+8th) Midtown has been deprived of Aussie meat pies (and sausage rolls for that matter.) They promised they would populate bars around the city with their wares, but so far I haven’t heard of any Midtown sightings. That’s where the Australian enters to the save the day. Not only are they serving traditional Australian pub grub, but all of it is made in house from scratch… and for $8 (with french fries included) how can you go wrong?


For the pies you have your choice of traditional or curry, which for me is not a tough choice at all. (If the opportunity arises to make my food taste a little bit Asian I’m going to seize it.) Both pies come with beef, and potatoes and an egg in the middle (nice touch!)


Unlike the Tuck Shop’s curry pie, which is a very spicy green curry situation, the Australian’s version is more like a standard meat pie with a hint of curry powder flavor throughout. I would have liked it a little bit stronger, but it was still nice. The fries were really good too- clearly cut from fresh potatoes (a great bonus.)


As for the sausage rolls, I’ll admit I’ve actually never had a sausage roll before… but I knew I would like it. Best case scenario, it ends up being the Australian version of a pig in a blanket. Worst case scenario… well, I can’t think of a worse case scenario.


Less pig in a blanket than sausage egg roll with a pastry shell, the sausage rolls were good but could have used a little more flavor. Don’t mistake this for complaining though. You take sausage meat out of the casing, wrap it pastry, deep fry it, and serve it with french fries for $8, I’m going to like it.

And that’s the moral of the story. Best meat pie and sausage rolls you’ll ever have? Probably not. But serve it for $8, in a nice pub, topped with french fries, and I’m sold.


  • Lunch is only $8 and comes with french fries
  • It’s nice to eat at a sit down place every once in awhile, as long as it’s a good value
  • It’s a bar… if that is something that interests you during lunch
  • Sodas are only $2, another nice touch considering that most places like this will give you a great lunch deal, and then charge you a ridiculous amount for a drink (Rick’s Cabaret I’m looking in your general direction.)
  • There’s an egg in the pie!
  • The french fries are fresh cut


  • If you like your curry pie super spicy, Tuck Shop’s green curry pie is better than this one
  • The sausage rolls could have been a little more flavorful

The Australian, 20 W 38th St (btw. 5+6th),  212-869-8601


  • Nice! Pie with salad here I come!

  • Was very impressed with the Australian’s Happy Hour – this looks great too. Maybe Mamacita will buy me lunch there some day.

  • What’s in the little cup with the pie? It looks like apricot jam. But I’m weird.

  • No, Midtown doesn’t have a lot of sausage rolls; sausage fests on the other hand…..

  • ZING!

  • They do have a great happy hour- gin gin cocktail is amazing and the salt n pepper calamari was surprisingly well prepared and only 5 dollars

  • $8 for a mystery meat pie? You must be insane.

    For $10, including tip, I can savor a perfectly cooked Red Robin cheeseburger served with a mountain of crispy fries.

    And I can do so while sitting down and being waited on in a calm and civilized manner.

  • Cutlets would prefer you eat at home Docchuck–no going to red robins—ever! Unless you promise to bring back leftovers!

  • Now Mr Cutlets I know you’ve only been in my life for a short time but I want you to know that you bring me the kind of joy and fellowhip that only a purebred cat can. There will ALWAYS be leftovers for you, Mr. Cutlets!

  • As far as I am aware, there is no Red Robin in Midtown.

  • Chuckles lives in Columbia, Maryland. He posts on ML because he’s insane.

  • They say “the eyes eat first” which may explain why I, hungry bitch, have a bit of sausage and pastry matter in her good eye and it is irritating the fuck outta me.

  • That looks very delicious! I know what I’m having for lunch on monday

  • Forget meatpies – do they have Tim Tams?!

    Tuck Shop has a monopoly on them in NYC and charges $6/a pop. For 8 little biscuits covered in chocolate- with the most delicious cream EVER – but still. It’s like paying $12 for a tiny sandwich in Midtown and thinking that I got a good deal.

  • How about some ANZAC biscuits? It would be awesome not to mail-order cookies for $20.

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