Midtown’s Only Church’s Is Gone; Bojangles Coming Soon?


When they cover up the sign, I think it’s safe to say the mini Food Court on 8th Avenue btw. 44+45th is gone for good. So, say goodbye to Midtown’s only Church’s Fried Chicken. Thankfully we still have Popeye’s and a few other good options in the area… plus if you noticed in yesterday’s profile, there is a rumor going around that Bojangles is looking to expand to New York City (with a reported 41 new stores in 2009.) I contacted the corporate office, and their response is after the jump.

We have had a number of conversations with several qualified NY restaurant groups but as of yet, have not reached any formal agreements with anyone. I wish I had some good news for you now but I will keep you in the loop at the appropriate time.

And that would be some good news… not just because I love spicy fried chicken and biscuits, but it would pave the way for a Popeye’s vs. Bojangles Fried Chicken Off!


  • The Bojangles BoBerry Biscuit is proof that God loves us.

  • How sad is it that I read the headline and wondered why they’d put a Bojangles in an old church?

  • to even mention popeyes and bojangles in the same sentence is blasphemy.

    Bojangles is absolutely incredible, but the few times I’ve eaten it north of the mason dixon line it was not very good.

  • There used to be a Bojangles on 23rd and 7th (near the current location of RUB BBQ) that I used to go to growing up. Awesome fried chicken, but it shut down years ago. I’m psyched that they’re bringing them back.

  • I’m from north carolina, and haven’t had a good piece of fast food fried chicken since i left back in 2002. However, the best thing about bojangles is the iced tea and the country ham biscuts.

  • http://www.bojangles.com/aboutus_locationsny.html

    Apparently it’s already in Brooklyn?

  • I’d love me some Bo Rounds in NYC.

  • I’ve been to the Brooklyn Bojangles, unfortunately it is only a quasi boj’s inside the food court of an Associated Super Market. It shares space with Carvel, Nathans, Subway and Krispy Kreme. The one time I went on a Sunday morning something was broken so they only had fried chicken, biscuits and fries – not that there is anything wrong with that but I was looking forward to an egg and country ham biscuit. I can’t remember if they even had a full menu selection. As much as a I love bojangles (I’m a Carolina alum) I have to admit the chicken and fries didn’t quite taste the same as the real thing down south. Will have to try again, and I do hope they make it to midtown…

    It is relatively easy to get to – if you live on a line that connects with the J train. It is just two blocks down broadway from the Gates ave. stop underneath the tracks.

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