Danku Goes Back to the Satay Drawing Board

First Look: Danku

Wondering about Danku, the Dutch kroket chain that opened a few weeks back on 57th btw. 5+6th? This update just arrived in the old Midtown Lunch inbox:

“Can we get a review of Danku sometime soon? Or at least an airing of grievances? I went when it first opened up and ordered the krokets and salad, and found them both kinda nasty. Texture is gross because they’re basically fried flavored food starch, there’s nary an actual food item in them. Salad dressing is gross too, tastes really artificial. I went a week ago to try the satay and they said they were out of it. I left cause I didn’t feel like anything else.”

“I went today again and asked for the satay. Again they don’t have it and claim they’re working on the recipe. This time I ordered the Green Chicken Curry and Fried Rice. DOUBLE NASTY. I wish I had eaten it there so I could have complained. The chicken curry is bland and has the texture of canned food. The fried rice is an out and out lie. This rice is not fried at all! It’s just cooked rice with some shreds of rehydrated vegetables, and its mushy and overcooked at that! It has zero flavor, other than that of mushy boil in the bag rice. You being a cheap Chinese food expert will undoubtedly agree with me that this rice has never been fried and therefore is a bald faced cheat.  Also worth noting, my tongue has been rather disturbingly tingling since I ate what little I could finish.  Very weird.  There’s undoubtedly some weird EU preservatives in there, E-850 or SD-200 or whatever the hell they call them in Europe. -Ben”

Once again, I’m going to reserve my criticism until they get everything sorted out… although I will say this: a) I think you are correct about the rice but b) a lot of commenters have liked the krokets. Maybe the mushiness is an acquired taste.  (And weird preservatives are hardly unique to Europe… I got that mouth tingling thing the three times I’ve eaten McDonald’s in the past 3 years.)

All in all, it’s good to see they’re working on their “issues.”


  • ok, if they’re really working on the recipe… they need to figure out that satay is done on a grill… in that picture it looks like it’s skewered, and then boiled or something. where’s the caramelization? where are the pieces that are slightly charred? seriously, does anyone else see this?

  • definitely not satay.

  • I ate there a couple weeks ago. They were out of Krokets. I ordered a sandwich. It was overpriced considering the size (which is to be expected in midtown). It was taste free. I also got a lime juice drink which was OK, but overpriced.

    One of my friends went there last week and had the satay. She said that it made her ill that day and she was sick through the weekend.

    I want to try to Krokets. Maybe I’ll have some luck there, but it’s not looking good.

  • Zach, I havent eaten at McDonalds in about a decade for the exact reason you mentioned.

    The Krokets are, okay… But only worth the money after a few drinks. As for the texture, I definitely thought “these are pasty” when eating them (pasty, but tasty).

  • This place is nasty. Avoid the satay at all costs. Tastes like airline food. The noodles are terrible.

  • If you can run down to 45 and 9th. bali nusa satay is infinitely superior.

  • agree about the rice. actually enjoyed the flavor of the chicken curry – but the chicken itself is dry and stringy. will give their krokets a shot next time. I hate midtown so i’m desparate.

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