2008 Readers’ Poll: Best Fast Food Hamburger

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll. Between now and the end of the year I’ll be asking all of you to decide on the best Midtown Lunches in a whole range of categories. You can only vote once per category (so choose wisely), and official results will be posted after the new year.

Let’s kick it off with a big one shall we? Best fast food hamburger in Midtown. The nominees are:

Vote for your favorite, after the jump…


  • Five Guys should be a contender, but their food is so inconsistent. Burger Joint hands down…even with the douchey tourists.

  • Seocnd that…no doubt Burger Joint. Here’s how I would order them:

    1- Burger Joint
    2- City Burger
    3- Blarney Stone
    4- Goodburger
    5- 5 Guys
    6- Pop Burger
    7- Carnegie John’s Cart
    8- Zen Burger

  • Lets have a moment of silence for Zip Burger which was truly one of the greats :(

    Burger Joint is my vote.

  • What happened to Obama in the Middle picture?? Who remembers that one?

  • Burger Joint
    City Burger
    5 guys

  • 1. Goodburger
    2. Burger Joint
    3. Carnegie Johns
    4. Five Guys
    5. Pop Burger

    Don’t know the rest.

  • just had burger joint yesterday and it’s still fresh in my mind.
    burger joint it is.

  • The McD’s on 6th (possibly between 46th and 47th) makes ridiculously good Angus burgers and fries. I’m for serious!!! Really, really good. Go at lunch time when the lines are 5 people deep. It is honestly the best burger I’ve had in recent memory.

  • How long do i have until the polls close? 15 days? Because i think i need to taste each burgler.

  • wendy’s double stack. A bit too greasy but tasty nonetheless.

  • There Jimmy’s Burger Shack on 33rd or 32nd btwn 7th and 8th. (Actually, the black after MSG.) A bit out of bounds, but for $2.50 – $3.00 burgers you can’t go wrong.

  • @mamacita – remember,? I countered with a non-photo-shopped pic (replete with pithy commentary) that was much more revealing:


    I was at the bank today and the day/date display said it was Tuesday – shit! I thought ML – I bet midtown is still there and some might even still eat lunch.

    Did Zach do away with the weekly shillgeek feature before or after he climbed into bed with Murray? (hi zach!)

  • Joe Allen’s has the best burger in midtown IMHO!

  • Mr. Peter Lusk voted for Zen Burger?

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    I don’t know about 5 guys. They say it’s inconsistent, maybe that’s the problem but it easily deserves “most overrated burger” in my book.

    Don’t tell me some story about their fries. This isn’t “rank the best fries you’ve had” this is about burgers. Fries have no place in that discussion.

    I thought both Burger Joint and Goodburger were both better burgers than 5 Guys. The fries are another story.

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