A Few Things I Forgot To Mention About Hawaiian Island Grill

In my gravy covered hamburger steak induced coma I completely forgot to mention two semi-important things in the write-up of Hawaiian Island Grill (on 53rd btw. 2+3rd) earlier in the week. 1) You get a choice of white or brown rice with all the entrees… and that is brown rice in a few of the photos (take that, people who say I never eat healthy!)  2)  There is no seating, you have to take your food to go.  Easy fix for this?  The food court in the Crystal Pavillion (on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th) that houses Pampano Taqueria & Sophie’s Cuban is a good place to take your food if you don’t want to go back to the office.


  • Brown rice is full of nasty carbs and is acidic. Verdict: bad diet

    Gin and fresca, on the other hand, is loaded with feel good mood enhancers and pleasure nutrients.

  • In reality, you could just go take your booty to the two food courts located right at the corner of 53rd.

    …one in the Citicorp building and the other in the basement of 875 3rd – home of Cosmo Creperie and the crazy busy premade salad place, Gourmet 53 (where you used to get salad, pita chips, fruit cup, cookie, and soda for $6).

    However, I think they changed that deal a few years back.

    For reference:

  • Oe-jay, ixnay on the 75-8ay rd-3ay!

    It’s my go-to place for eating food from a variety of takeout places in the area that I’d rather not dine in at. Finding a free table is difficult enough without all of Midtown Lunch there.

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