Jamie Oliver Apologizes to Biryani Cart

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver had time to film something at the Flatiron Lounge last week, but didn’t show up for his planned segment with the Biryani Cart the Friday after Thanksgiving, and didn’t even call to say they weren’t coming. (Admittedly, I was only pissed because he’s my favorite chef, and I really wanted to get a photo of him at one of my favorite carts.) Well, we heard this morning that Oliver’s producer finally called Meru, the owner of the cart, to apologize for not showing up; apparently things were just too hectic, but they promised to visit the cart the next time Oliver was in New York City. The apology comes just in time… I was almost considering voting the guy a douche.


  • Compared to you Zach, well… isn’t everyone a douche?

  • Wayne=Teachers Pet. :)

  • Jamie and Dan Barber are my food gods of the moment. Though I have to say my last experience at Blue Hill was a bit disappointing. Weird sauce choices at a place that ought to be putting the focus on fresh ingredients. Perhaps it was an off night. Jamie + Biryani = genius. I hope it happens.

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