Khodiar/Taj Dehli Chat Newsstand Reopens; Possible That It Never Closed in the First Place


The former newsstand that houses Taj Delhi Chat, Khodiar Lunch Services gujarati food, and the latin food that used to be in the Blimpie, has reopened… but strangely enough, it is possible that they never even closed.  The tip we received was not confirmed with a photo, and the owners of the newsstand claim they were never closed (except on Thanksgiving.) It would normally be suspicious (places have been known to hide their DOH’ing), but the claim is confirmed by the Health Department website, which shows that they passed their most recent inspection.  Just wanted to set the record straight, and let you know there is clearly nothing wrong with the best Indian food place in Midtown! Plus, as one commenter remarked a few weeks ago, they have redesigned the space.

The photo is after the jump… 



  • Hah, I was there earlier this week and I’m not sure you can call that a redesign. They just went back to the old design they had before the latest redesign.

  • best indian food in midtown? working equidistant between there and minar, i can tell you i usually go the route for Minar instead. I cna say though that this is a close second though…

  • ps. show some love to big bowl noodle next door

  • had spanish food there yesterday. Was one of you the yuppie asking way too many questions and making her put back the pollo al horno?

  • Look at the those jolly good natured customers!

  • I need to get something from here other than Chat.

  • They certainly won’t win the Midtown Spelling Bee.

  • First off, I don’t like the Indian food here. The best Indian (maybe more like Pakistani) in Midtown is two blocks away on 36th St. bw Broadway and 7th Ave on the Southside of the street in the middle of the block. Decent spanish in the front but amazing Indian in the back. $7.50 gets you rice, one meat, one veg, on daal, and one naan. The Tikka Masala is the greatest, but it’s all so good.

    That said, the Spanish food in the back of the Indian place on 6th Ave is incredible! Great plantains, delicious rice and beans, the chicken and pork are incredible and they have the best potato salad with egg that Ive had in a long time. Definitely worth a try!

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