Airing of Grievances: Ruby Tuesday’s Burger Sucks

Speaking of burgers…. I guess I knew it was only a matter of time before somebody stepped up and complained about the mini-post we did a few months ago about the Ruby Tuesday Burger:

“I don’t usually feel the urge to comment on anything directly online, but I feel compelled here to make sure that everyone understands just how awful the Ruby Tuesday’s burger is. I had their triple meat burger (ooh 3 types of meats ground together!) a few months ago, or whatever they call it, it’s awful, don’t do it to yourself, it’s not worth the money! Any money! I wouldn’t eat it if it was free (that’s a lie – but I would hesitate). It was just a not-good tasting burger, not seasoned well and didn’t taste like good quality meat. Soggy bun, sad lettuce…. go anywhere else and save your taste buds!!!”

Considering that it’s Ruby Tuesday, I wouldn’t have thought this needed to be said.  But I trust A Hamburger Today when it comes to burgers, and they said it was decent.  (It has problems, but nothing that would be considered “awful”.)  Have any other lunchers subjected themselves to a Times Square tourist lunch, and want to weigh in?  Sure, Midtown Lunch is against crappy chains like this in theory- but I just want to make sure they get their fair shake.


  • There is nothing even remotely comparable to a Red Robin Hamburger. They are sublime perfection.

    My wife and I dine on them several times per week.

  • What my hubby-bubby really means here is that we kill (my faux-credentialled husband is not a bad shot with his air-pumped pellet gun) and eat a lot of small wild birds, and red-breasted robins are pretty common here in rural Arkansas around our singlewide. They go great smothered with government surplus cheese on bread from the day-old bread outlet, if such things interest you. I do hope he stops shooting at the ones resting on the electrical wires above our home, though, because all his near misses have started stripping off the insulation, and if there were a bad storm while we were home – well – let’s just say it would be a shocking experience for us

  • Chucky and TingTong/Hogzilla…eat from the dumpers out the back of ruby’s.

    Because he’s a texan carnie/pikey.

  • I went to Ruby Tuesday’s as part of an initiative to overpay for touristy lunch spots around Times Square, and it was the best of its genre. It is waaay, way, WAY better than Olive Garden and Red Lobster. And objectively, my Ruby Tuesday burger was totally decent (I did not get the 3 meats one). Not something that you ruminate upon, nor something that you hold with distain between bites. Just a good ol’ burger that you scarf down with friends.

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