La Strada is Closed

Got a bit of terrible news in the comments the other day about La Strada, the former pizza place turned Latin food joint on 56th btw. Park+Lex. “DID THIS PLACE CLOSE? The other day it was totally shut!” Phone number is “temporarily disconnected.” That can’t be good… luckily for those who work in the upper reaches of Midtown East (which is already pretty desolate) there is the Tina’s Restaurant on 56th btw. 5+6th for the their rice and beans fix.


  • this place has been closed for a few weeks.

  • Nooo…

    It was bleak enough already up here in Northeast Midtown. Now one more cheap ethnic possibility goes out the door. Damn.

  • The biggest regret I had in changing jobs a year ago was that my new office was no longer walking distance from La Strada. This is indeed a sad day for the workers of Midtown East.

  • When O when will Zen Burger Close?

  • This is a sad day. I’m the one who brought La Strada to your attention back in in the beginning. I was hoping it was a remodel, but I guess not. They alwasy gave me extra plantains and the special hot sauce bless there little souls.

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