Has the Old Bridge Deli Closed For Good?

Old Bridge Deli 

Multiple tipsters have emailed in about the Old Bridge Deli (on Lex btw. 40+41st) which was closed again today- this time seized on behalf of the landlord of the building.  This is nothing new for the deli considering that they have been closed a ton of times over the past year for non payment of back taxes (clearly the owners of the OBD are having trouble paying their bills.) But the fact that this time it has been possessed by the landlord (and chained shut), does not bode well for this Midtown deli.  R.I.P. rolly wraps


  • Too bad. Best-tasting salad bar in the area. Does anyone know of one nearby that comes close (besides Delmonico — too crowded).

  • I work down the block from Old Bridge – . they’er cleaning the place out right now. Never quite understood their jam packed sandwich lines but I can tell you everywhere else around there is JAMMED right now…..

  • well at least some people are doing well in this down economy.
    the city marshals. the only mayor who hired extras during his term.

  • Sign on door this morning reads, “WILL REOPEN FRIDAY!”

  • yep just saw that….

  • Last time they closed down, when they re-opened… it was FREE FOOD for lunch for everyone for the day! Ok so it seemed like everyone in the world was there that day you could barely move, but it was FREEE!

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