Did Jamie Oliver Snub the Biryani Cart?

British chef (and my personal hero) Jamie Oliver was in New York City for Thanksgiving, and in addition to looking for some place to have Thanksgiving dinner he was supposedly going to shoot part of an episode for an upcoming TV show at the Vendy Award winning Biryani Cart (on 46th btw. 6+7th).  Meru, the owner, got a call from one of the producers asking if Jamie could come by the cart this past Friday around 11 a.m. to shoot a segment.  Only problem?  The chef and TV crew never showed up… I know because I was there waiting!  What can I say?  I wanted to get a photo of my favorite chef at one of my favorite carts.  It was a real bummer, and no phone call or explanation either. We’re still wondering what happened to Jamie Oliver. At least I got a good lunch out of it…


One King Koti Roll and one Channai roll. It was probably the only thing that could help blunt the disappointment…


  • What does the King Koti roll taste like, I’ve only eaten the Chennai. Are the others good as well?

  • I’m pretty sure the king koti is just their chicken tikka as the filling… so if you’ve ever had their chicken tikka, that’s what it tastes like. All of them are good, but the Chennai is the only one that has any sweetness.

  • I usually go for the Buradi and Chennai to get a sweet and spicy combo.

  • I’m pretty sure they have only 1 roll with 6 different names.

  • Jamie Oliver??… the Mockney londoner?

    He’s a wanker.

  • The Pune and King Koti roll are both very similar. Chennai and Buradi are very noticeably sweeter and spicier respectively. The Veg one has not meat, and the PWCD has egg and potatoes, so they are also distinct.

  • I tend to go there late at night rather than for lunch, and I’ve never been able to successfully order a specific roll. It’s impossible to communicate with the guy beyond “lamb” or “chicken”, and he inevitably makes the same thing regardless of my attempts to add words like “king koti” or “buradi”. They’re also always out of green sauce, chicken tikka, etc. And they don’t wrap them up nicely like in the picture, they just get stuck in aluminum foil (trickier to eat on the go). Now, that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the kati rolls anyway: it’s my go-to “stuck at work late” dinner, but it’s a whole different experience at lunch time when the owner is there.

  • King Koti by far the most popular, and for a buck more, he’ll serve them over a bed of rice and you get it all. If I could just figure out where and the hell I can by that freaking bread……

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