Danku is Officially Open

Huzzah!  Posted in the comments, and confirmed with a phone call… Danku, the Dutch fast food company that sells krokets (balls of fried stuff) and Indonesian food (satays, noodles, and rice) is officially open as of this morning.  They’re located on 57th just East of 6th Ave., and Happy Hour contributor Mamacita is right on the money with her comment about the sound you may be hearing right now: it’s “the sound of Zach running out the door…”

Here is a copy of the menu.


  • Inquiring minds want to know: do they deliver?
    And: are those krokets worth all the energy you have expended awaiting the opening of the joint?

  • just took my first foray, 8.13 for 2 krokets and a side salad which was actually a good salad, and they don’t deliver yet but will be setting up w/ seamless web

  • Imagine my surprise walking on 55th between 5th & Madison when I looked down and saw a Danku box.


  • I just went and got the 2 krokets (Chicken Curry & Chili con Carne) & side salad combo. It was okay- I thought the crust of the krokets was a bit too hard. The Chicken Curry was pretty good but the Chili con Carne was okay. The salad was fresh but nothing special. I think I will try the Chicken Curry w/rice next time around. Thanks for posting the news! I was excited that it opened today.

  • @ brezinst….for 8.13, was it filling?

  • Just got back from my first Danku experience.

    Went for the same Kroket combo (8.13, incl. tax, for 2 krokets and a medium salad.)

    First, very helpful and unharried staff–they accomadated the midday lunch rush with a smile, which is always appreciated.

    As for the food…the salmon & dill kroket was a bit strange (wasn’t expecting a salmony-puree inside) but ultimately satisfying with the tartar dippin’ sauce. The chicken curry was better, with a gooey rich filling inside of a freshly-fried exterior. Glad to see that the pre-fried krokets didn’t get soggy inside their little cardboard boxes.

    The included mesculin/corn/tomato/cabbage/carrot seasonal salad was the real suprise: a GMD (generic-Midtown-deli) could easily charge $5.99 for the salad alone. Nicely done, Danku.

    Even though my initial reaction to the meal was “hey, lots of food,” my stomach is telling me otherwise an hour later. Good for those looking for a light lunch or handy snack.

    Oh–and for those who care, Danku’s ostensibly pro-green, with corn-based biogradeable utensils, organic ingredients, happy cows on the packaging, etc.

  • The only thing more intoxicating than a woman in a caftan is a woman in a caftan bearing fried food.

    My wife will be making me homemade deep fried mac and cheese tonight. Pity you people having to make do with mediocre croquets served in soggy little cardboard boxes.

    I shall think of you all when enjoying my piping hot package of crunchy/gooey goodness.

  • @ flatrock i personally would like to get 2 meals out of an 8.13 lunch, and there’s no possible way to make 2 meals out of the combo, but it was filling for 1 meal… i agree w/ dylan, the best surprise is the salad which was actually really good.. i had the chicken curry (which was good) and the beef (which is more of a traditional filling) and also really good… mac & cheese wasn’t included in the combo choices for some reason

  • ….they had run out of the mac & cheese by the time I got there at 1:15 :(

    Doc, I’ll be thinking of you as well.

  • After a long weekend on gorging on turkey and stuffing I opted to go green. Had the veggie panini, not bad. The parmesan cheese gave it a nice kick. The veggies were fresh but only red and green peppers; was hoping for a bit more variety. The bread held up very well. Must try the krokets next time.

  • Pretty disappointed that they didn’t have Mac’nCheese. I got the chile con carne and curry chicken, also salad with garden balsamic dressing.

    The croquets were OK flavor wise, nothing terribly bad or good. The texture leaves a lot to be desired though. Both croquets were really mushy inside, especially the chicken curry. Imagine hot wheat paste. I’m having a hard time wanting to try them again.

    The salad is fresh and has nice ingredients, but the dressing gross in a weird textural way again. It’s slimy. Not oily or watery, but just slimy. Flavor is very weak too.

    I’m willing to go back and try some other items, but I have a feeling the Dutch are going to have to tweak a lot of the recipes to truly appeal to American palates.

  • you idiots. the original DUTCH kroket is to be eaten with mustard, not some fancy dipping sauce. also, in holland they only have ONE filling..salmon in your kroket? yuck!

    And where are the bitterballen?

    no thank you, danku!

  • I am originally from Indonesia, been in USA forever, my parents speak Dutch & I grew up on kroketjies. I agree with dutch girl, we use mustard as dipping sauce! But then again you use mayo on ur FFries (yuck). Guess we must go to the automat in Leidesastraat (A’dam) for the real stuff. RT

  • hey dutch girl, chill out. it’s generally admirable for people to try out new things, even if it involves salmon in a kroket.

  • The chicken curry kroket was ok. The noodles and satay were vile. It’s like paying for bad airline food.

  • I got the Vegetarian Rice Wrap with Ginger dressing and the Chicken Curry Krokets with a dill yogurt dip. The Rice Wrap was dry and over stuffed with rice noodles. The ginger dressing tasted more like a Wishbone fat free Italian dressing. Not worth $6.95. Whole foods has a much better rice wrap for cheaper. The Chicken Curry Kroket was a liquid curry mystery mush encased in a deep fried breaded shell. Not the tastiest. Sorry Danku! It just wasn’t as exciting as I expected.

  • Being Dutch myself, I am very happy with the beef krokets finaly being sold on this side of the planet! Now they also come on a hero! The price is right and it totaly brings me back home haha Keep up the good work DANKU!!!

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