Airing of Grievances: House of Brews

Recently we added a Friday afternoon “Midtown Happy Hour” column, which now means we have a whole new list of places to complain about. Last friday’s review of House of Brews sparked this crazy story:

“Be wary of this place. I went there after work with my girlfriend about a year ago and the waitress scammed us. The bill came to $170. We were just drinking beer. No food. No exotic $18 a bottle beers. I questioned the waitress and said there’s no way we drank this amount of beer. She said that I drank most of them because my girlfriend only had about 4 pints. So I said, “you mean to tell me that I had between 15-20 pints of beer in 2 hours? and I’m still upright and having this conversation with you?”. She said the bill was correct because the bartender doesn’t give her beers unless she enters them in the system. I’m not sure how that justifies it…it only justified her entering extra beer on our tab to give to the group of 8 guys at a table in the back she was fawning over for free. The manager came over and said the computer system is correct and that’s what the bill was. We’ve never been back and never will go back.”

Ouch. What’s more likely? Completely trashed Midtown Lunch’er or waitress scam? You can decide for yourself… and of course, if you have a grievance to air- feel free to email it to


  • Waitress scam for sure… tell me this doesn’t sound suspect… Friends order regular diner food… a Grilled chicken caesar salad… side of fries and a side of rings… oh… and a side of cheese sauce for cheese fries even though they ordered buffalo wing sauce and are lactoses intolerant… lol total bill not including tip… $25… really?

  • Lou – that price sounds normal for shitty Midtown diners. Welcome to Manhattan.

    As for the $170 bill, is the e-mailer stupid enough to have paid it in full?

  • For clarification, this occurred at the 46th St location. I can’t speak for the 51st St location.

  • Honestly, most beers at HoBrews are from $8-11. It’d be borderline easy to go that over. I can’t believe you profiled the place. Its a hell-hole of over-priced food, beer and awful miserable lawyers and legal assistants.

  • Sounds like a reverse shill if you ask me…like someone from Faces & Names, McGee’s Pub or Whiskey Trader trying to do a number on House of Brew’s happy hour biznass.

  • Faces and Names is an equally miserable bar. How can people with Midtown lunch sensibilities (under $10, good value, not pretentious) frequent these absolutely revolting $10 a drink Midtown bars? For shame.

  • I have very frequently consumed 20-25 glasses of wine in a sitting. It’s very easy to lose count. Next time keep better track.

  • Day before your trailer-trash Vegas wedding, Chuckie? Such drunkenness would explain that wildebeest of a wife of yours.

  • Maybe one day I’ll open up a bar. Any idea and what the name should be? Perhaps “Ye Ol Withered Liver Saloon”

  • just call it Mamacitas

  • Mamacita’s Pole Dancing Saloon & Game House

    Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear

  • Just reading about HoB makes me want to run, not walk, to Rudy’s for some $5 pitchers and free doggers! As a bonus, the midtown preppies/yuppies/cubicoids/whatever-they’re-called don’t show up until after their regular wage-slave hours are over.

  • A friend of mine and I went to the House of Brews a couple of months ago and were amazed to see several mice running around in plain sight throughout the dining area. It was about 1 am on a Saturday, and the regular patrons seemed amused rather than disgusted. Even though I work nearby, I’m never coming back.

  • midtown lunchers aren’t pretentious.

    i lied.

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