No Pork on a Halal Cart, Even if You Work for the Food Network

I don’t know much about Dinner:Impossible, but apparently a recent episode of the show featured Iron Chef Michael Symon cooking on three carts parked in Times Square: Wafels & Dinges, 2008 Vendy Award Winner Calexico and a random Halal Cart.  You can see clips of the show here, including one where Symon is told he can’t cook pork on the halal cart.  Awesome.


  • I saw part of the episode.

    That man loves pork.

  • Hahaha did no one tell him what halal means?

  • uh, duh, isn’t halal just what every street meat cart calls itself?

  • I saw it—great episode! That Michael Symon guy knows his shit! And yes, “Halal” essentially means Kosher–which means definitely no pork…

  • @wcbs-tv – that made me laugh out loud. could be the comment of the week…

  • I was watching that episode as well. I always that Michael Symon was jewish. Aside from sounding jewish, he did some sort of ethnic show with Wayne Harley Brachman also on Food Network. I don’t know what the hell he was thinking trying use a halal cart to cook pork.

    That aside, the episode was pretty weird. They used the carts for what seemed to be 30 minutes. Most of the cooking was done elsewhere.

  • LOL at cbs-tv. Symon is an idiot if he doesn’t know what halal means. Sheesh. The (real) CBS gets a pass because, well, they’re just a bunch of empty talking heads who steal their ‘reporting’ features from hardworking blogmeisters.

  • Halal and Kosher practiced by those who believe very conservatively would not consider the two mutually the same. But the concept behind them is to ensure a level of ethicial pureness, preparation and slaughter of both food stuffs and animals that god would approve.

    End of lecture kiddies. :)

  • Halal also forbids insects so I guess flies or other unnamed bugs never land on those grills during the day or even when they’re in storage overnight

    Uh huh

  • Actually wayne both Halal and Kosher forbid all insects except a few types of locusts. :)

  • ‘God’s’ never had a good Bacon butty then.

  • mmm… locust and lamb combo over rice.

  • Symon’s not an idiot. He’s a Catholic boy from Cleveland. Give him a pass for not knowing what halal means. And judging from the time I spent in Cleveland myself, I’m not surprised he wasn’t familiar with it. I’m sure it’s improved since I was last there, which was over 10 years ago, but it wasn’t the most culinarily diverse place in the world. Although I used to get great Chinese, oddly enough…

  • Chinese? Those people are mostly gristle.

  • @zach: does my comment as “wcbs-tv” score me an invite to the next street-meet-palooza? was totally bummed i missed the first.

  • God eats street meat?

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