Walgreens Sandwich Dare


“I went to the new Walgreen’s in Times Square today and I noticed they have food there!!!  I dare you to try a sandwich, or worse, a salad.”

After eating the terrible banana sushi at Bagelfeller on 48th (R.I.P.) I stupidly said I would eat anything in Midtown if dared by a reader.  It’s what lead me to finally summon the courage to enter Tad’s Steaks… and it has clearly led to the email above from “Bionicgrrrl”.

Seriously?  Walgreens?  C’mon now. Really?  I mean, it’s not even that I’m scared of eating a disgusting sandwich;  it’s more a matter of being morally disgusted. Is there any getting out of this one?


  • Gross, yes. However Walgreens is SO much better than Duane Reade and I’m glad I never have to talk to that horrible photo slag at the Times Square Duane Reade ever again.

  • buy a blow torch, and ‘toast’ it. everything is better toasted. mmm mmm, toasty

  • sorry zach, i had to do it. god knows i don’t want to eat anything in there.

  • Looks like the Pret a Manger @ Kingscross station.

    Whom ever invented ‘Pasta salad’ should be hung from their knackers.

  • What’s a knacker?

  • A knacker is someone who slaughters animals isnt it? I’d actually like to see someone hung by one…..I think…

  • That’s unfair! Walgreens is NOT an eating establishment—you might as well go ask Zach to eat some food at one of the few gas stations the city that sell it (and I’m not talking Mo gridders in the bronx) ….mean! Cruel!!!

    That being said, funny as hell if he actually does it!

  • Knackers = sac..

    Thanks for the early dose of “mockney”

    I dated a Brit who worked in “the City”… and heard that phrase quite a bit… well that one and “seeing to”

  • Knackers = bollocks=balls=nutz=love globes.

    And Cyn…did you parttake in a Bonus day seeing to? :)


  • I would trust a sandwich prepared in an establishment dedicated to healing and wellness (with antibiotics on hand) over food dispensed at your beloved yet vermin-infested food carts any day.


    Did some say N U T S ?

    I will HAPPILY bite your nuts off

  • Zach, this week you ate fried food that had been standing out in the cold on the corner by Penn station. I don’t see how this is really any less appealing.

  • @sarah – lol. oh, but it is less appealing. and that is Midtown Lunch in a nutshell.

    (yes, I said nutshell. do what you must…)

  • DOEEEEET! Do it so we don’t have to. ;)

  • I *WILL* bite your nuts off! Happily! **T W I T C H**

  • It’s not a real dare unless Zack has to get mayo filled tuna sandwich (or chicken salad sandwich).

    hee hee ebil!

  • Rudy,
    Sadly no… met them (yes two former Bankers’ Trust (RIP) M.D.s) after they left U.K. but there were many other holidays we ( only the last one and I) celebrated… for example Boxing Day.. which I learned is really just an additional day to have more alcohol soaked puddings and alcohol soaked whipping cream… followed by viva Agent Provocateur!!! (should that excite you)

  • Cyn, those were -knickers-…
    knicker knacker… sounds like a candy bar…

  • Goodness no.Boxing day in Shropshire is an early morning Hedge shoot then lunch at the pub then and end of season pheasant drive.

    Then retiring to the Pub (13th century inn, should that warm beer you)

    Although i do understand where you’re coming from with Drunken City workers…….it’s like a ’70′s football riot with Aston Martins.

  • I may be a Yank ..but I know the difference between a knicker and a pair of knackers.. as well as a minger and a munter…

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