Danku Update

“Are you guys opening today?” “No, sorry.  You call every morning don’t you!” ”Yes, yes I do. Do you know when you’re opening?” “Sorry, we were supposed to find out yesterday- but we didn’t. They said maybe we would find out today.” ”Sounds good.  Talk to you tomorrow morning.” Me… want… kroket.


  • Your persistence will pay off in the end.

  • I walk past this place frequently since you started writing this joint up & I get super irritated when I see they’re not open. WTF?!

  • They should give you a free Danku for your persistence and interest–not too mention how much free hype its garnered through your site!

  • Ross’s comment is pretty much how my hubby feels about his involvement with this website. Also, he received this same text on a fortune cookie (if such things enervate you) after an authentic meal of General Tso’s Chicken at Panda Express a few weeks back. We always get General Tso’s chicken since we purchased the General’s original leather codpiece for 3,000 dollars from a roving dealer in antiquities in New Jersey a few years ago. I doubt we would have gotten such a fabulous bargain had the dealer not recently (as he explained to us) lost his lease and been selling out of the back of a nondescript, unmarked van in an alleyway.

  • My coworker and I went to Danku yesterday for a late dinner and were unable to get any service. How rude! We will not be returning. My coworker agrees with me.

  • Sarah Hellerman = DocChuck

    Chuckles, if you bothered reading any of the posts here you might know that Danku has yet to open. Let your “coworker”, I mean your bloated-orangutan of a wife, know the same.

  • Ben, that’s offensive.

    To Orangutangs.

  • I know someone who works there. They are just waiting on the DOB to process their permit so they can turn on the gas. They have been ready to open for weeks, it’s just the miserably slow city bureaucracy that is standing between us and krokets.

  • They’re shady.

  • Jenn, thanks for letting us know! I was just thinking this morning that the secret to doing good business in Midtown has a lot with actually opening the store…. Good to know that they haven’t, because they can’t.

  • er, “a lot TO DO with opening the store.”

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