And now, we pause for a Katsu Curry moment

Inspired by Boing Boing’s “Unicorn Moment”, my Serious Eats co-worker Raphael felt we needed something similar to break the horrible cycle of bad news that has flown through Midtown Lunch the past few days.

Katsu Curry
Katsu from Go Go Curry. Photo by wEnDaLicious

Oh yeah… that’s the stuff.


  • Uh, is that actual pic or a promo pic?

    What is that brown slab that the pork is sitting on? gross.

  • Unicorn chaser is the more appropriate term. Clearly I read BoingBoing far too much =P

  • steve, where have you been? the pork is sitting in a pool of delicious curry.

  • the “pool” is solid and propped in mid-air by a fork

  • yeah, thats the curry, jackhole

  • Weird Zach – I just had the pork curry from Sapporo (which is right behind me – Go Go is to far) yesterday. Stop blogging what I just ate for lunch!
    That being said, I think there were 4 strips of pork for like $9. Not a great value, but tons of yummy curry gravy mixed in my rice.

  • I have to agree with Steve; there is something weird going on. Is the curry around the chicken seriously solid? It takes the shape of the tray/plate.

  • I meant pork not chicken, my mistake.

  • great photo Wendy…that looks great I haven’t had katsu curry since having lunch a long time ago at teriyaki boy..

  • They use a thick pork jus as an ingredient in the curry.

  • THAT is NOT a bloody Curry.

  • That looks mighty tasty… although I can see what some people are talking about, that curry looks like a semi-solid. Whatever, I’ve had it before and it’s got bits of meat in it and it’s got a mild kick. Really good stuff.

  • Actually, the reason the fork is being held up is because underneath that curry is a bed of white rice which the fork is dug into. To be honest this looks like a promotional photo but I can tell from the silver plate to the wooden fork to the orange tray with the black velcro, that THIS meal was eaten at Go Go Curry.

    Looks so good that this is probably what I will now be getting for lunch!!! MMM!

  • Mcbeagle, it is indeed a Japanese curry. And very tasty too.

  • Just when I thought I had my addiction beat, you post this photo. Blast you! 90 minutes ’til I head over to Go Go.

  • Looks like I’m eating at Teriyaki Boy today…

  • Zach: Thanks for the shout-out!!! I never even thought this would look anything like a promo pic…=)

    Daniel: Aye, that sounds like a loooong time ago! You are due for another hit of Katsu Curry! =P

    Mike D: You are right that it is indeed sitting on a bed of white rice! 2 forks are pictured since I shared this with my bf who’s not as into curry as I am…heehee…

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