The Giant Tree Has Arrived

The giant Christmas tree arrived in Rockefeller Center this morning, where its magnetic forces can be most effective in pulling as many camera wielding tourists as possible towards its holiday glow.  This marks the beginning of my annual attempt to avoid Rock Center at all costs until after the new year.


  • You can’t keep one of them chained to a post with a bowl of water in your backyard all day.

  • Nothing wrong w/ throngs of portly , sweaterclad rubes..

  • I’m with you Zach. And they’re not just at the tree, they like to walk from there to Toys R Us in Time Square. Why people come to New York and then shop at Toys R Us is beyond me. My office sits right in between the two, luckily next to the McDonalds where they all go for lunch (or a snack because the walk is so long). (Take my previous sentence about Toys R Us and insert McDonalds.)

  • Jesus wept…cancel Christmas grumpy Ebeneza Cubical Worker says so.

  • How can you tell if either is cheating on you?

  • Earmarks

  • How I do adore the Chrsitmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. I am all for keeping Christ in Christmas, should that interest you.

    My young wife and I also have been known to take a turn on the ice skating rink, as well. She can skate backwards.

    We do not shop at ToysRUs, but I have been known to buy her a bauble or two at some of the finest shops on 5th Avenue. I can well afford it and she deserves it for putting up with me.

  • Bossman, subtle ploy…and well done.

    As Lou would say :LOL

  • Why the HELL do they call it “tourist season” if we’re not allowed to shoot them???!?!?!?

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