Todai Buffet Excursion Caught on Video

If yesterday’s post about my trip to the Todai Buffet with a bunch of competitive eaters wasn’t enough for you, there is video! Shot and edited by Beautiful Brian, he was nice enough to keep me out of the video (for the most part) so my embarassing performance would not be saved for posterity.

Check it out after the jump…  


  • Leon,Mamacita,sarah and possibly Blondie want your number.

    Chucky was the little fat bass drummer at the end.

  • Okay this is taking “food porn” to an absurd new level. Watching bloggers eat. Sheesh.

  • Adam, you’re just mad because you weren’t able to hide under the table and grab ‘free samples’ from their plates when they weren’t looking.

  • StevenP is clearly projecting his own fantasies about being crotch-high in a crowd of competitive eaters while waiting for ‘free samples’.

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