Conveyor Belt Sushi Fail: Midtown Sakae Goes Bye Bye

The Midtown branch of Sakae Sushi (the conveyor belt sushi chain from Singapore that is hugely popular in Asia) has been permanently closed down.  I can’t say I’m entirely surprised… the prices were kind of high, the quality of the fish was not the best, and the place was never at capacity.  I’m still kind of bummed it didn’t work out though-  I do love conveyor belt sushi.  Their West Village location (on 3rd Street just East of 6th Avenue) is still open, so we’ll see if this overseas chain can make it work in the states.

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  • I only went there once and wasn’t overly impressed. I love conveyer belt sushi but the options on the belt were kind of limited. It was definitely a menu driven restaurant.

  • Lasted longer than I would have ever thought – I had them on Death Watch back in May

  • A closing waiting to happen. Did you know that there is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in the Palisades Mall on the NYS Thruway just north of the Tappan Zee Bridge? Like all c.b.s joints, the selections are most interesting and freshest when the restaurant is busyest–weekends, in this case, but soon it will be all the time as people go Christmas shopping in this mega-mega-mall.

  • Where is the best place to get conveyor belt sushi in NYC? I love those types of places.

  • Not surprised–the food sucked for the most part, rivaled only by the sucktitude of the service. I once ordered an avocado hand-roll and they literally brought out a piece of avo on a nori sheet–no rice and they hadn’t even bothered to roll it up! FWIW, there’s good conveyor-belt sushi at the branch of East somewhere in the 20′s near Lex.

  • I haven’t tried it, but I noticed that there’s conveyor-belt sushi in the giant food court on the second floor of the Whole Foods on Houston at Bowery.

  • I’m from Singapore and I can say the Sakae Sushi is one of the worst places to have sushi here as well. Happy to see ti close. Can’t see why they’re still surviving here.

  • The one in West Village is closed too. I ate there before. The food is disgusting. If you have paid close attention to everything (the food, pricing, menu, toilets, services… etc.) when you were there, you would have noticed that, they DIDN’T do ANY research before entering this market. I wonder how much they have invested (wasted) to learn this painful lesson. Even a 6 year old kid can tell them that they need to study the market before setting up the business.

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