(Happy Hour) Airing of Grievances: No More Food in Jimmy’s Corner

Got this bad news about Jimmy’s Corner, one of the Midtown Happy Hours we posted about a few weeks ago:

“Thanks to some idiots, You can’t bring food into Jimmy’s any more because they were abusing Jimmy’s hospitality. Apparently Virgil’s would get so packed that you couldn’t even eat at Virgil’s bar, so people would order take-out, then go over to Jimmy’s and pig out on barbecue while using the JC facilities and only ordering a soda or asking for free water, which was wasting the JC crew’s time for almost no money (How much do you tip on free water?). They’ve since rescinded their policy of allowing food, with no exceptions. Thanks to the idiots for abusing the system and causing Jimmy’s fans to pay the price. It’s only $3 for a bud or $4 for whiskey/bourbon on the rocks, and you can’t throw them some real money?”

Another reason to hate tourists. And Times Square. And Virgil’s. And Times Square jerks who eat at Virgil’s.


  • Why can’t these losers just have walked to MCdonalds or some other shitty fast food chain joint to eat their f’ing bbq—-that Mcd’s on 42nd btwn 7th and 8th would have been fine—! Goddamn some NYers are F’ing idiots! I doubt these are tourists…as tourists would be hitting up DALLAS BBQ over Virgils…

  • You’re so right goats. Maybe they need a bouncer to beat the shit out of anyone from Virgils trying to slime they’re way in.

    Enjoy your weekend, one what ever coast you rest upon.

  • mmmm delicious, ripe bbq

  • Uh oh. Am I not supposed to like Virgil’s? I know it’s really close to Times Square, but if I approach it from the other direction I can kind of pretend it isn’t, and the food seemed decent enough the few times I’ve been there. Have I been mistakenly acting like a tourist? Crap, I need to earn back my midtown-worker creds somehow. Street meat from the secret daytime famous halal cart location, perhaps.

  • How come every time i go to Jimmy’s its’ filled with Englishmen ?

  • Chris, I’ve had real barbecue, budget barbecue, and virgils. For NYC, and for times square, virgils is decent. I’d rather go to virgils than trek to dinosaur any day.

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