No Buyer For Starwich, All Locations Are Now Closed

We got this tip from a lunch’er, and it was confirmed by the Starwich corporate office: “DUDE, this is serious!
Starwich on 38th btw. 5th+6th is closed. They did have extremely tasty sandwiches and salads although really expensive. Although your site is concerned with LUNCH, their breakfast sandwich is not something that can be ignored since it may have been one of the best deals in midtown. $4.28 (after tax) would get you a super-filling pile of veggies, eggies, fancy shmancy gruyere cheeses, and bacon on really good bread. Sorry to bore you with this nonsense but this greasy bundle of joy will always have a special place in my heart.”

This isn’t a huge surprise, considering the company filed for bankruptcy in August. They were trying to sell the business, and had interest from a buyer, but the deal fell through. The breakfast sandwich may be missed, but if you are interested in gourmet, smallish, overpriced sandwiches, there are plenty of ‘wichcraft locations to satisfy your cravings.

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