Another Reason Not to Eat Lunch at Your Desk

Midtown Lunch has always been a strong proponent for getting out of the office for your full one hour lunch break, and our feelings are perfectly summed up by this graphic on Indexed.


  • Dammit, I just had lunch at my desk. Excuse me while I go listen to some Smashing Pumpkins.

  • I had a ton of Indian food at my desk yesterday and today. Mostly I just feel sleepy.

  • @Mamacita, hahahaha.

    I had lunch at my desk on Tuesday. There was an abundance of infinite sadness.

  • well my life finally has a graphic
    now to begin working on the soundtrack…

  • Starbucks…is like sitting at ones desk/cubicle…full of the same people doing the same thing…they dunno why….listening to REM on the 3G (held almost torch like in had, so everyone will notice it)……ordering a skinny latte…then a danish.


  • After seeing this and having spent my lunch hour at my desk I am going out right now to enjoy a cup of coffee outside away from my desk.

  • unfortunately where I work now I only get a half hour at most and HAVE to eat while working. I can’t get very far and back in 16 minutes (it takes 7 minutes alone to get downstairs in the elevator, then whereever I go there can’t be a line cuz I can’t wait). So I bring lunch now. LOTS of melancholy here. But I am saving lots of money!
    So many midtown lunches to eat, so ….no time. I live vicariously through y’all…keep it coming.

  • I eat too many lunches and dinners at my desk, but I’ve found that it provides me with plenty of projectiles with which to pepper the walls. That eases the melancholy a little.

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