Best Lunchtime Steak Deals in New York City

The Zagat Blog writes about 5 steak deals in New York City between $20.99 and $31 and four of them are in Midtown.  You know I’d rather eat at a scary steak chain like Tad’s Broiled Steaks before spending $20 on lunch, but I know some of you splurge, so I’ll link to it as a public service announcement… although I still say you’re better off with the Del Frisco’s $11.99 steak tips bar deal, which Zagat somehow missed! They still offer this, right? (Admittedly I haven’t been back since they raised the price.)

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  • Zach and Carne-lovers alike.. get here: Mr. Skewer and Company down on 14th street. Yes yes, out-of-bounds, but constructively not with the magic of metrocard. Did it in an hour with a quick zoom on the subway from Grand Central to Union Square (it’s about a 2 blocks west). Seriously, best affordable steak in the city… brazilian style… oh yeah, you gotta love brazil.. muito legal!!! Unfortunately no brazilian beauties parading on the beach, and no one at the register even spoke portuguese when i was there, but true brazilian steak grilled fresh and other brazilian treats (like those yummy cheese bread balls “pao do quejo” and “guarana” soda–i can’t write in portugues.. “desculpe”). I got one of the biggest meals which included 4 cuts of this juicy pichana steak choice of 2 sides (i had rice and black beens) and the steak was even resting on some sort of delicious greens (collard greens?? not sure). They had other meals, both steak and chicken that i’m pretty sure hit the $10 mark. Sure it’s not the quality of one of those big “rodizio” style brazilian steakhouses, but honestly, i had a delicious feast at a bargain. Plus, some brazilian bossa nova playing over their speakers while disgruntled construction workers cursing out each other in brooklyn-ese at one table… ah, true paradise in NYC (or at least, the best we can get on a few bucks). Seriously, check it out!! Please note, this is not an Airing of Grievences (i don’t always complain!!) But hey, if it brings you ratings… ;P tchau!!

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