3 Lunchtime Sandwiches Worth Traveling Downtown For

Today’s New York Times $25 and under column is about three sandwiches “worth taking an entire lunch hour to venture downtown” for, and it’s hard to argue with any of the choices… especially if you’ve seen them on Serious Eats: New York (the site I am an editor for). Porchetta (which Ed Levine wrote about, and I’ve tried, and is amazing), Dogmatic (which Joe DiStefano wrote about, and looks amazing) and New York Hot Dog & Coffee (which I actually wrote about.)


  • your dogmatic link is also going to porchetta piece

  • @max – fixed it… thanks!

  • Dogmatic is pretty darn good…and it is quality & homemade all around – dog, sauce & bread. But last two times i went at 12-12:30 is was empty. They may have to come down a bit off that $5 per dog pinnacle they are on.

    I would also add Despana & Alidoro to this list – both unique and awesome.

  • wayne, totally with you about that price tag.

    I went to Dogmatic and think most Midtown Lunchers could polish off two with ease. After one, you certainly want another. Just not sure anyone wants to spend it on two sausages.

    Lunch is totally do-able by train too, it’s right by Union Square West. Take the yellow line and ride in the back of the train. You get out, you’re a few steps away.

  • I’ve been lobbying for a lunch meet-up at Porchetta, but Brownie keeps holding out. Maybe now that you said so, she’ll go with me. mmm, pork.

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