Another Blimpie With Spanish Food in the Back Bites the Dust


There was a time when Midtown was teeming with Blimpies that had Spanish food in the back (there were two.)  Now there are none. The more famous Blimpie sub shop with Spanish food (on 6th btw. 37+38th) closed awhile ago, and the spanish food moved next door into the Indian newsstand. Now the other one (on 35th btw. 7+8th) has also closed, and there is no word on whether the spanish food will be moving to another location.

Coincidentally enough, I received word of a new Blimpie sighting… this one with Sushi! (Will wonders never cease.)

blimpieUnfortunately this Blimpie is downtown (on Park Row by City Hall) and Lunch’er Wayne said none of the food looked appetizing at all.  Maybe we should send Daniel to check this out for a Downtown Lunch post.  I’m sure he’ll be thrilled. So, for all you people who love strange Blimpies, you now only have two options (that I know of). Take the train downtown for strange sushi in a Blimpie, or get the weird vegetarian spicy dorito sandwich from the Blimpie on 46th btw. 5+6th

Thanks to Wayne and Jebreh for the tips.


  • Do they have free samples? I’d be all over the 20-minute train ride each way if I could snag 2 pieces of free sushi!

    Seriously (and on-topic), does anyone know if there is ‘special’ ethnic food at the Blimpie on 40th bet. 7th and B’way?

    It’s OOMLT (out of midtown lunch territory), but the Blimpie on 23rd bet. 5th and 6th Aves. also has sushi. It’s ok in a generic sort of way.

  • I spoke with the folks behind the counter at this El Blimpie back before they closed– it was run by the same folks as the other El Blimpie (now in the 6th Avenue Hawker Center, as I like to call it). So if you’re hankering for your El Blimpie fix, you’ve got to walk up to 37th st.

  • OMFG! Zach I had no idea my email would lead to such horror! It’s like the souls of 1000 portions of Pollo Guisado cried out in pain… I will have to move to the one on 6th now… I hope it doesnt become a Commerce bank or Starbucks..

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