Free Burrito Alert: Halloween at Chipotle

My dislike of Chipotle is well documented, but I have also been quoted as saying “Free Chipotle is the only good Chipotle“.  Thanks to Gen from Foodies R Goodies for passing along this information: on Friday from 6 p.m. to closing every single Chipotle in New York City will be giving away free burritos to anybody dressed up… as a burrito (or a taco). We’re not sure about some of the existential issues involved (i.e. how serious does your burrito costume have to be, or will the free burritos include free “$1.75 guacamole”) but we’re guessing they’ll be good sports about it.  Especially if you’re enough of a loser to spend all day at work dressed as a burrito for what amounts to $7.

Foodies R Goodies also reports that there is a new Chipotle opening up on 45th btw. 5+6th… and according to a Chipotle employee it will be opening this Friday- just in time for you to get your free Halloween burrito (provided you are dressed up of course.)  Truthfully, they should try to make as many fans as they can with these free burritos… because once the new Baja Fresh opens in Midtown, it’s all over. (Well, for some of us anyway.)


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