At Lunch Now: Is Cosi Feeling The Effects of this Terrible Economy?

I stopped into the Cosi on 48th btw. 5+6th to *ahem* “research” the free bread bowl and noticed something a little out of the ordinary… no line. On a Friday at 12:40. This place is usually packed. As you can see there are far less free samples in the bread bowl also! Although, I suppose if you have fewer customers, you don’t need to put out as much free bread? I guess they didn’t realize I was coming…

Afterwards, I walked by Moshe’s Falafel and the Biryani Cart and both had lines of 15+ people.


  • I’ve noticed most of the restaurants and delis in the village area are a LOT quieter than usual. Go economy! :(

  • I was officially the last Kati roll served at the Biryani cart today before they ran out. The people in back of me were there just because they heard about The Vendy Awards and were looking for other cart recommendations while there. I’m not sure how many other people in line were just at the Biryani because of the hype, but you could be right, Zach. Economy = cheap food good, expensive bad.

  • It could be because that Cosi was DOH’d a month or more ago, not that the DOHing of Variety made anyone stop going.

  • Cafe Cello was oddly packed today, and there usually are not too many people on line when I’m there. By 12:45 they ran out of the crispy pig skin on the roast pork!!!! Very disappointed.

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