Airing of Grievances: Wafels & Dinges’ Pulled Pork Waffle

A lot has gone on since we first posted the news that the Wafels & Dinges truck had added pulled pork as a waffle topping on their truck (which parks in Midtown during lunch a few days a week.) Serious Eats: New York weighed in first, and had good things say; and yesterday the truck sent out a press release saying the menu item was going to be added permanently to the menu. Blondie and Brownie like it too. But we did get one minor complaint from Lunch’er Jeff in the comments yesterday:

Ok, call us pioneers, a co-worker and I went for this today.. first ones there. Smart move cause even if the line was short, they make the waffles fresh, so a little bit of a wait for each order. Listen, I can go on and on with how fantastic this tasted.. the combination works!! It even folds into a taste-sensational sandwich as they instructed. Again, the BBQ sauce, the cool creamy slaw (still generic grade though), the soft meat, and the warm crusty waffle.. yum!! BUT I’m pissed!!

We seriously got about half the portion that was shown in the pic above!! I mean literally half as much, even got only 1 pickle slice instead of the pictured 2 (damn that kool-aid pickle was kickin’!). What gives?? Did the truck go cheap or are these foodporn photos really like real porn.. meaning: fake! (that was a confusing sentence, sorry). What i’m saying is that make sure the pics show exactly as is. The disappointment after taking off the foil, revealing a limp portion size, really threw me off. And if not the photo, let me know, cause then I have a few Belgium words of my own to share with the truck operators!! That said, give this a try.. so damn tasty!

Interesting. Thanks for the warning Jeff. At least it tasted good… if you want to try this for yourself, the Wafels & Dinges Truck will be on 45th btw. 6+7th today. Tell them your top 3 favorite movies, and get a free topping (I’m guessing the pulled pork doesn’t count.)

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  • Mine was exactly what they gave me. I don’t think Thomas or the other guy that works on the truck recognized me or if they did, they didn’t say anything like “Hi, how are you, Blondie?” I do wish it was made as a sandwich, or have the pork qualify as a free dinge.

  • But all the photos are from blogs, not press releases… maybe they just calculated out the cost properly and realized they were giving too much for the price assigned?

  • just say you’re from a food blog. non-bloggers don’t get the same treatment (read: smaller portions). i’ve witnessed this time and time again.

  • I got a good portion for myself yesterday… It was damn good!

  • I don’t mind trying things that meld the sweet and savory…but this just not my thing….mind u its not even kosher. :)

  • non kosher=makes things taste so much better.

  • is the truck out there every daY?

  • I got slightly less than the pictured portion, but definitely more than half as much. I was at the 26th/Park location last Friday; they say they will be there only on Fridays from now on.

    It was good, definitely enough for a decent lunch, but I’m not sure yet if it’s worth the 8 bucks to me. So far I’ll put it in the ‘interesting diversion’ category.

  • Is the pulled pork hot or cold?

  • Hot. Just finished my delicious waffle that I made sure to eat as a sammich, as suggested. My portion was pretty close to the one pictured, only there was one pickle instead of two. I’ll have pictures posted tonight which I’ll send Zach’s way so we can all do the compare and contrast, but it was certainly close to comparable to the original pic, only less pickly.

  • “i” before “e,” except after “c” or when sounded like “ay” as in “neighbor” and “weigh”

  • Wow that was great, split it with 3 co-workers…

    it looks like the pork is measured by about halfway up a 8 or 10 paper cup… i think the norm is 1 pickle, but we named our top 3 movies and got an extra then he bumped it to 3 since there was 3 of us. Did not get the slaw though…

  • @ the hud. thx, i fixed it. much appreciated… it’s a small operation I’ve got going here. a small, mostly dumb operation.

  • @Mike – You must either be a midget or poor to require the assistance of two other co-workers; I for one had six of these wafels, dipped in chocolate no less! Man up and give it a shot.

  • @LikesToEatJunk – if I see you on the street I will start throwing sugar substitute and diet cola at you so you run away to your “mother”. I blame you for my lack of being able to eat a full pork waffle, since I took your advice and eat those God-awful “Cheeseburger” Combos, I was lucky I could hold anything down…

  • I’m happy to hear some are reporting a more substantial portion size. Honestly, both I and a fellow co-worker went and were given MUCH smaller portions pictured.. perhaps we got there so early (is 12:10 early??) that they didn’t get up to speed, we also noticed the owner/chef was so-what “training” an employee how to assemble the meal. It really was a great taste and very innovative… I just call it like I see it folks. 2 of us getting significantly small portions, that needed to be discussed. Don’t care if we accidently got small portions or if it was a “testing” of amounts, so long as it gets closer to that picture… then you’ll see me as a repeat customer. Do hope the blogger who originially posted didn’t get special treatment, sounds like they were being honest about things. That said, please note Zach… you always represent… keepin it real… fellow fat-boys unite!!! True thanks!

  • Thanks Jeff, your comments are always helpful, esp. when you let us know about Naples!

  • Pretty damn good.. Not enough food for $8 though, but still satisfying.

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