First Look: Pulled Pork Topped Waffle from the Wafels and Dinges Truck

Serious Eats:New York files the first official report of the new lunch offering from the Wafels and Dinges Truck we posted about yesterday. My favorite part of the post?  The truck thought that the reporters were from Midtown Lunch!  Sorry guys… 27th Street & Park Ave. was too far out of bounds for me today.  But from the looks of this monstrosity, I’ll be hitting that up on the first day the W&D truck is back in Midtown proper! Want to track the truck yourself?  Sign up for their Twitter.


  • That cole slaw looks suspiciously like the lo-quality supermarket tub variety. That would be ruin the whole thing….

  • I was told that the current slaw, while of excellent quality is merely a place holder for the final slaw and would only be used during the trial operational run.

  • Stunt Coleslaw?

  • The cart is a block away from my house today—and 4 blocks away from my office—yet I still couldn’t convince myself that pulled pork on a waffle was a good idea….

  • I can see maybe pulled pork atop a waffle, but with whipped cream and strawberries? Don’t think I can support that. Anyone know if that’s chocolate syrup or bar-b-que sauce? That’s key…

  • LJ – actually that looks suspiciously like slices of koolickle and bbq sauce with unnaturally white cole slaw. I wonder if they made savory waffles instead of sweet/neutral waffles.

  • Ok, call us pioneers, a co-worker and I went for this today.. first ones there. Smart move cause even if the line was short, they make the waffles fresh, so a little bit of a wait for each order. Listen, I can go on and on with how fantastic this tasted.. the combination works!! It even folds into a taste-sensational sandwich as they instructed. Again, the BBQ sauce, the cool creamy slaw (still generic grade though), the soft meat, and the warm crusty waffle.. yum!! BUT I’m pissed!! We seriously got about half the portion that was shown in the pic above!! I mean literally half as much, even got only 1 pickle slice instead of the pictured 2 (damn that kool-aid pickle was kickin’!). What gives?? Did the truck go cheap or are these foodporn photos really like real porn.. meaning: fake! (that was a confusing sentence, sorry). What i’m saying is that make sure the pics show exactly as is. The disappointment after taking off the foil, revealing a limp portion size, really through me off. And if not the photo, let me know, cause then I have a few belgium words of my own to share with the truck operators!! That said, give this a try.. so damn tasty!

  • A couple of people from work today and I were in the mood for burrito’s so we headed from our offices at 34th & Park down to Calexico. The cart wasn’t there (I’ve since discovered they’ve move the Grammercy cart down to SoHo to meet demand since the vendy’s) however as we were walking back we saw the Waffle’s & Dinges truck. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about food before, I ran over and ordered up the BBQ pork waffle. It was everything I’d hoped for and more. I thought the portion was fine, and I’ve been on a natural high since I had the chance to enjoy… I may just have to go back next friday!

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