Only Because It’s Tough Out There Right Now

It pains me to post this email I just got: “I know how much you hate the generic delis, but wanted to let you know that a new Cafe Europa opened on Madison btw 42nd and 43rd Street, and they’re offering $2 breakfasts (muffin and coffee, bagel and coffee, egg white sandwiches), and $6 lunches.  Not sure how long this will last, but might as well take advantage until the price goes up 50% for real.”  (Is this really a deal?) For those who must… *shudder*

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  • That’s alright, but a better deal is Golden Krust on 3rd Ave (between 43rd and 44th I think). They have a .99 cent curry chicken patty through the end of the month as part of their 2 year anniversary special. There’s also a mini lunch chicken stew thing available for $4.99. This could be in effect at all locations….mmmm patty.

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