Tuesday is $1 Hamburger Day at City Burger


Ok, now we’re talking. City Burger (on 39th Street just East of Broadway) was not welcomed with open arms by the Midtown Lunch’ing public when it opened last March… but if there was ever a reason to give them a second chance- this is it! As a “recession special” City Burger will be selling their burgers for 99 cents every remaining Tuesday in the month of October (starting tomorrow 10/13.) The pandemonium of their initial opening made for a pretty hectic scene (and not so great burgers), and I’m sure tomorrow will be just as crazy. But hopefully the extra staff they’re planning on supplying will make up for it… either way, you can’t really complain about a burger for $1. Offer only good from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


  • Someone should tell them their sign suggests the burgers will cost 99/100ths of a cent.

  • Does this include ALL the burgers on the menu? Like a bacon cheeseburger and a plain hamburger both cost .99 on tuesdays?

  • No Lou, it’s only for the Wagyu and black truffle buger.

  • I’m thinking the word “all” might be a well-concealed clue. LOL

  • I will walk by w/ the knowledge that this will be a clusterfuck…

  • Are *all* burgers just 99 cents on Tuesday, including their double burgers??? I might stop by a bit before 11 for a late breakfast, hopefully before it gets out of control.

  • Just got back from City Burger. The 99-cent burgers start at 10 am, btw. All single burgers are 99 cents (regular, cheese, turkey, veggie–I doubt the salmon burgers are 99 cents but I didn’t ask). Of course, just 1 burger per customer!

    I got mine with the works–lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, mustard, and (supposedly) ketchup and mayo, which I didn’t detect. The onions were sharp and the generic yellow mustard a bit overwhelming, so next time I’d just get lettuce and tomato.

    As to the burger, I ordered it medium-rare and it was closer to rare, but not a problem. The meat was moist but not juicy at all, not tasting even close to the Shake Shack burger which reportedly uses the same meat. I suspect a lot of the juices are lost on the grill from the sounds of it. The burger was a good size, fairly thick but no real char on the outside. The bun was a bit large and fluffy, and could use a bit of compression before eating.

    Overall, not a bad burger but not exceptional. Not close to the Shack or Burger Joint offerings in terms of juiciness, but the quality of the meat puts it above the generic deli/shop burgers.

  • “City Burger is PEOPLE!!!!”

  • I got there about 11:50, line was short (2 people ahead of me).
    By 12:10, the line was almost to the corner of Broadway.

    I got the burger with fries & a soda, it came out to $6 & change

    I have never eaten at CB before so I have nothing to compare it to but I have a feeling the burger is a little smaller than usual as the .99 burger is somewhat smaller than the bun.

    It is pretty good at .99 , not sure how I would feel at the regular 6 bucks price.

  • missed this last week, but hit it up today. got on line just before 12:40, ordered at 1:05, got food just after 1:10. i concur with coreynyc: decent value @ 0.99, but 5.95 would be way too expensive.

    @ moze: i confirmed, salmon burger is _not_ 99 cents.

    @ lou: bacon (1.75), grilled or crispy onions (0.75), mushroom (0.75) are toppings for which extra is charged.

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