Celebrity Apprentices Selling Cupcakes in Midtown Today

Just when you thought the whole Midtown cupcake thing couldn’t get any crazier, I got this note from a friend today: “Yo, my girl T Boz (from TLC) will be in NYC today 10/7 doing a surprise cupcake sale near Radio City/Rockefeller Center from 12:30 to 2pm. She is doing it to raise money for her chosen charity (sickle cell anemia) for a top secret tv thing (you didn’t hear it from me but the show may or may not rhyme with schmelebrity shmaprentice.)” I wonder if it will be at the new Magnolia Bakery location on 49th & 6th (which did not open yesterday as planned.)

Update from the Comments (10:40am): “Celebrity Apprentice/Playboy playmate Brande Broderick is selling cupcakes at 5th ave btw. 56+57 street… and PlayboyU will hand out free tee shirts.” And from Cupcakes Take the Cake: Khloe Kardashian will be on 57th & 5th from 10:30am to Noon. And then in Rock Center from 12:30 to to 2pm.  It looks like they are all going to be selling from the same location. 57 & 5th until Noon, and Rock Center 46th St. & 7th Ave. after that. Send photos to zach@midtownlunch.com (please)


  • You can also pick up free Ocean Spray juice/drinks and crasin packets at the 50th st end of the plaza but I wouldn’t recommend consuming it with the cupcakes.

  • “Celebrity Apprentice” Playboy playmate Brande Broderick is selling cupcakes at 5th ave & 56-57 street…………………..and PlayboyU will hand out free tee shirts

  • I think some Kardashian (whoever that is) is also selling cupcakes somewhere today, I saw it on Cupcakes Take the Cake. The picture of that girl, she needs to tone down the fake lashes, eesh.

  • Yeah, this was on CCTTC last night. It’s not so secret if it’s on the internets. and i think Magnolia is opening tomorrow.

  • I left a comment about this but it didn’t take? Anyway, again, perhaps you actually mean former playboy playmate, celebrity gameshow maven, and Baywatch (Hawaii) star, Brande Roderick? Who I interviewed….. wow 7 years ago…. http://www.popcrazy.com/features/brande.html

  • FWIW – Playboy Enterprises is at 730 5th (west side of the ave) you can usually spot it by the ugly-ass tourists getting their pics taken in front of the plaque.

  • This does not excite me. I need men handing me sweets!
    Those women should be handing out hot dogs.

  • also Joan Rivers…

  • Celebrity Apprentice cupcake truck at 46th & 7th Ave, just around the corner from Virgin Megastore. Tom Green and Dennis Rodman spotted.

  • Did a drive-by of Rock Center just for the purposes of pics to send to the blog! Spotted a Brownie and Blondie but missed seeing a heavily made up woman selling cupcakes. Though I’ve been known to be blind to celeb sightings, so I imagine my luck spotting a celeb I don’t know would not be favorable.

  • Just want to note that Toccora, past contestant of America’s Next Top Model was out there looking FAB and the Unknown Celebrity Apprentice introduced her to the camera’s as “Plus Size Model.” She is sooooo not plus-sized. I don’t care what anyone says. Not that there is anything wrong with being one, but come on let’s be clear. She’s a what, a size 6 or 8. She looked great and she bought a cupcake. Good for you.

  • Anyone know if they will be doing anything on SUNDAY in town? FUCK i want to meet Tboz so bad.

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