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Every day this week Serious Eats: New York is posting about a different Vendy Award finalist, and today I contributed a full post about our beloved Biryani Cart (on 46th btw. 6+7th.)  It includes amazing photos by Robyn Lee (the food never looked so good) including a photo of the newly added PWCD roll.  Plus, I realize that we may have done a grave disservice to the cart by entering their standard chicken over rice in the Street Meat Palooza competition.  If we had judged the Biryani Cart based on their chicken tikka masala (which is much more like street meat than the traditional Indian version of the dish) I think they would have scored much higher.  The dish is totally rockin’.  I guess I’ll have to make up for it in Street Meat Palooza 2!


  • I stopped by last week and had the Chicken Tikka and it was pretty bland. And the rice was pretty bad too. I was disappointed, as the kati rolls are great. I guess I’ll have to try back another day and see if it was just a bad time.

  • What is that big egg in the chicken biryani? That’s the one thing holding me back… lol I don’t like eggs (seemingly boiled) enough to try that without some sort of taste description…

  • Chicken tikka masala isnt ‘indian’ food per se.

    It was invented in Birmingham,UK in 70′s.

    Lou, Biryani are traditionally finished with a fried egg/Omlete on top.

  • On the link, that egg does not like a fried egg or omelette which is why i asked.

  • Oh yeah, I see what you mean. Looks almost like a Chinese soy sauce sorta pickled egg. I have no idea what it’s called, but my aunt’s Chinese and used to bring us these delicious brown salty hard boiled eggs. Yum

  • I love these guys, I just wish that they could approach some of the fire of 53rd and 6th when it comes to hot sauce, even begging them to make it as hot as possible doesn’t even require a beverage (for me anyways, your spice tolerance may very)

  • @ Mamacita: Chinese tea egg. Love those things! Yeah, it totally looks like one of those just plopped into a big ol’ plate o’ Indian in that pic.

  • JustNancy! all these years later I finally know what I had been eating! Where can I get one around here?!?
    Now if that were only true for all the other things I shove in my mouth.

    PS.. Rudy and wayne no huevos or other jokes!

  • Jokes, M? Who has time? Your revealing that you have a Chinese aunt made me realize I need to put the final touches on my Experimental Ethnic Combination Babe Slave Project.

    First up will be a Hispanic-Indian-Asian, we’ll see if she tastes good before mass production starts

  • Stopped by today and ordered the chicken over rice. While the chicken was good, the rice was mushy and didn’t have much flavor. I would stick with the Kati Rolls.

  • Had their Kati Rolls, one lamb and the other chicken. Have to say they were excellent, balanced in taste given all the ingredients, and ultimately satisfying. Would go back for them. Don’t do the Indian Jalapeño unless you can handle latent spicy-guided combustions, say at three in the morning. Still, it didn’t mess with the Kati Rolls when I ate them. Took 25 minutes to order. Crowd: ½ Indians, ½ Midtown Lunchers, and one bike messenger to provide change to the nice older gentleman running the cart.

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