$7 Fancy Bibimbap Alert

This week is Korean Restaurant Week, which means a number of nice Korean restaurants in Midtown are offering bibimbap for just $7.  (Or if you feel like splurging, a complete lunch for $15.)  For a list of participating restaurants go to the official website. [via Serious Eats: New York]


  • I was thinking about it, is $7 really a “deal” for bibimbap? I think that is regular price for most lunch menus at these places….

  • Nonsense. Bimbimbap at Pro Deli is $9.50 and that’s a tiny deli. These are sitdown Korean restaurants.

    Going to go to Korea Palace, the only place in Midtown East, tomorrow, I checked their online menu and normally their “DOLSOT BIBIM BOP” is $11.95. Choice of 1.Beef BBQ/ 불고기 2. Chicken/ 치킨 3.Steamed tofu/ 두부 4.Shrimp/ 새우 5.Spicy octopus/ 매운 낙지!!

    Thinking I will go with the Octopus!

  • Can you get this to go as take out? Has anyone gone down to Koreatown and taken it go?

  • Called Korea Palace and they seemed totally confused when I asked if the BBBwas $7. They offered the $15 set menu though.

  • Exhibit A in my case against rapacious Korean deli owners.

    $7 for rice, bean sprouts, shredded carrots (from a package, no doubt), a few other assorted vegetables and a few shreds of gristley “beef.” Do they charge extra for the egg? I thought so.

  • Sadly, the dol sot at Bann is still regular price–they are only selling the cold version at the $7 price.

  • Keep in mind that Korean eateries are a primary source of my pet hair removal salon’s income, dearest heart. Try not to be too critical.

  • JZ, yes you can get it for take out. I did this today at Kunjip and (Zach, take note) I got a MOUNTAIN of food for $7 + tax !!! It was the best deal I’ve gotten in a long, long time. Unlike Bann’s $7 deal, Kunjip actually gives you a seaweed soup, puts a fried egg in the BibimBap, AND gives you loads of banchan!

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