Flickr is the Latest Frontier in Shilling

Clearly the shilling from the newly opened Empanada Joe’s (on 8th Ave. btw. 43+44th) knows no boundaries. I got the comment you see above on one of my flickr photos over the weekend. The shilling that happens in the comments of this site is well documented, and Eater makes a point of calling out all shillers on message boards, blogs, and listings websites… but this may be the first time I’ve seen it done in Flickr. Come on Joe. Give it a rest!


  • keep shilling all you want joe, i’m still not giving your restaurant one cent!

  • The only shilling I’ll turn a blind eye to EVER is that from Chic-Fil-a… if they ever did. mmmmm….. Chicken Sandwich.

  • That is a bit much. Can’t say I’ll be running over there anytime soon…and I only work a couple of blocks away.

  • Hey, just a thought – how do we know rivals aren’t doing the shilling to make their enemy look bad, as shilling carries a worse stigma than a bad review? Kind of like a double-reverse blow? I dunno, thought just came to me as ML seems to be getting shilled left & right. The curse of success I suppose.

  • reverse shilling.. interesting concept wayne

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