Biriyani Cart Multiplies To Keep Up With Demand


The Biriyani Cart was planning on unleashing a second cart on Midtown long before they were nominated for a Vendy Award, but after all the extra coverage they have decided to park the carts next to each other.  The second cart showed up for the first time this morning (you may recognize it as the “old” Biriyani cart) right next to the main cart on the SW corner of 46th Street and 6th Ave.  The cart on the left will be serving their standard chicken and lamb over rice plates, while the cart on the right plans on selling all the Indian food (kati rolls, biriyani, and chicken tikka masala.)  The owner Meru plans on keeping the carts side by side from now until the Vendy Awards to cope with the long lines… which will probably only get worse today after their coverage in the New York Daily News over the weekend.


  • Oh, man! They’re like a stoned tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Seeing as they could barely put together an order with one cart, I shudder to think what two carts will do to their quality of food and service.

  • Totally Agree nancy.That pic Zach has of them both staring….well they look like the Naan Bread Taliban.

    And my work colleague agrees with me totally.We share the same computer and IP.And spelling.

  • Did these guys run outta food today? I went and I heard out of Biryani… and Chicken Tikka Masala… one guy was pushing the chicken kebab over rice hardcore…

  • Biryani should, strickly speaking be oven cooked in a sealed(with dough) pot.

    No wonder they run out,lou.

  • Went here today. It was a massive disappointment. We waited in a line that did not move for 30 mins. Not sure what the hold up was, but nobody was leaving with food in their hands for a long time. When we finally got our chicken biryarni, the box was 1/3 full and the food was cold. No idea why anyone would wait or pay for this. It was the worst street food I’ve had since moving to NY 3 years ago. Definitely does not deserve a Vendy nomination. Never going back.

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