Will Biryani Cart Be Able to Cope With Its Moment in the Spotlight?

We Midtown Lunchers have known about the Biriyani/Biryani Cart on 46th and 6th for awhile now, but with its recent Vendy Award nomination it looks like the word is now filtering up to the “real” media.  When I walked by today a New York Daily News reporter was there taking pictures just after Noon as the line began to swell. You could blame the line on the Vendy announcement, but it’s kind of like that every day (although today it was definitely a little crazier than normal.)  You may say the secret ingredient is disorganization.  As much as I love their food, the Biryani Cart may want to rethink their ordering situation.  With four guys in the cart, things would move a lot smoother if each guy took charge of one facet of the operation (i.e taking orders, cooking, packaging up, taking money.) 

I never thought I’d say this, but maybe they should take a cue from the Jamaican Dutchy cart on 51st and 7th.  They were dreadfully slow filling orders at first, until they opened a pick up window on the side of the cart.  Place your order in the front, go to the side to pick up and pay. With the Biryani Cart’s newfound fame, they are clearly going to have to do something.

UPDATE: The Biryani Cart ran out of food today at 2:30pm.  They’re sending out for reinforcements.


  • I was waiting for to koti rolls for 25 minutes today…

  • And you are complaining about that???

  • I’m glad to see these vendors making out well. FOr all the hrs. and BS they put up with, good vendors selling good food deserve to make good money!

  • ^ palabra.

  • If I owned a restaurant in Manhattan I would get up at least two carts up and running. They are great advertisements and cash cows. And the restaurant is your commissary and cart supplier

  • I went to try them out for the first time today– I waited for 25 minutes and when I started eating my kati roll I found a piece of melted plastic :( Not a good first impression at all.

  • Mmm, lamb buradi rolls! I went twice this week.

  • @MTfoodie – ssshhhh …… now everone will want that.

  • ….so ladies!!!…how’d it go?

  • The rice was very dry, chicken tasteless and sauce bland for the chicken biryani. Would not recommend it to anyone. Auntie Kim’s Cart up the block between 5th and 6th on 46th is a better eat and has cheaper options.

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