Jamaican Dutchy Cart Should Be on Usain Bolt’s Itinerary This Week


Jamaican Olympic hero Usain Bolt will be making the Midtown talk show rounds this week, and if admiration is worth anything, he should totally visit the Jamaican Dutchy Cart (on 51st and 7th.)  Not only are there articles hanging on the side of the cart, but the Bob Marley videos that normally play on the flat screen tv have been replaced for the past month with a loop of Usain Bolt’s Olympic triumphs.  O’Neill, the owner of the Dutchy is hoping to meet the man by stalking one of this appearances- but I think Bolt should come to him! (Perhaps for a plate of jerk chicken and stewed peas?)  He’ll be on The Late Show w/ David Letterman on Wednesday (which films right around the corner from the Dutchy!), The Daily Show on Thursday (which is on 54th & 11th), and Regis and Kelly on Friday. 

How awesome would it be if one of the shows worked the Dutchy into their Usain Bolt appearance?  They do that kind of crap all the time on Letterman, right?  Anybody work for CBS (or Comedy Central or ABC) that could make this a reality? I’m sure if you made it happen, O’Neill would give you free jerk chicken for life! Plus, I want a photo of Usain Bolt standing in front of Midtown Lunch’s favorite Jamaican cart. It’s a no brainer people! Let’s make this happen…


  • I work at Men’s Journal magazine, and Usain Bolt came over to our office yesterday to do some interviews. One of our editors told him about the Jamaican dutchy cart and their obsession with him, and Bolt actually took a walk over to the cart and met the owner/posed for pics. I have a bunch of pics of this on my computer, if you’re interested.

  • Get some pics of Anastasia au naturale and we’ll talk.

  • Pics would be awesome!

  • They’s be blurred,surely

  • And probably only contain the rear of her head and a back tattoo.

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