Say Goodbye To Burritoville

Photo by Kristin Shaw

I haven’t been by any of the Midtown locations to see for myself, but if this post on Gothamist is true the Burritoville chain is no more.  There’s no question that the influx of Chipotle and Qdoba couldn’t have helped, but I think the chain (which was not terrible) probably would have done better if they had called themselves “Wrapville”.  It certainly would have been more honest.


  • I got sick everytime I ate there (a total of three times; twice at the one on Chambers St. over 10 years ago when I was in HS, afterwhich I refused to return), and once at the one on Water & Coenties Slip about a year ago. Good riddance I say!

  • You must have gone to Stuy. Nerd!

  • the one in the E. Village closed too

  • If you ‘refused to return’ how’d you end up back there? Moron.

  • I’ll miss your free chips, your roadhouse burrito, your daily specials. RIP Burritoville!

  • Yvo I also got sick after eating there once…it definitely was not my favorite burrito/mexican spot but it wasn’t the worst in the city. Actually maybe it was… so today I shant morn thee!

  • there’s not much in the way of satisfying vegan lunch to be had in midtown. chipotle is terrible for vegetarians. burritoville is sorely missed!

  • screw alla you im HUNGRY!

  • Strange, they must be focusing on their suburban locations. Just saw a grand opening sign for a large one on Old Country road in Long Island by all the shopping.

  • BORDER BURRITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’[

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